Hostels & Accommodation in Australia (Hostel Life of the Backpacker)

Hostels in Australia - Hostel Life of the Backpacker

When you're backpacking around Australia on a budget the hostels are an ideal place to stay. Hostels cater for backpackers who are looking for a temporary base whilst exploring the awesomeness of Australia.

They usually have dormitory style sleeping arrangements (split into male and female which suits most backpackers) but quite often they also have private single or double rooms (if required) at an extra cost.

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You can find hostels all over Australia. Hostel standards are all different but you can get a fairly good idea by reading backpackers reviews on booking sites.

Hostel life - Life in the hostels of Australia

Depending on your usual living arrangements, hostel life may take a bit of getting used to in the beginning. Things like sharing the kitchen spaces and common rooms with larger numbers of people than you may be used to or sharing the facilities like the t.v, barbeque's, washer/dryers etc... but it won't take long before it feels like one big happy family.

The people you will be living with have come from all corners of the globe and will give you a very interesting, multi-cultural experience. They will range from the seasoned backpackers to the newly arrived and each person will have a different story to tell.

You will be meeting and making new friends with lots of people who have been drawn to the same place as you who want the same experiences and you will go off on your grand adventures together.

One very endearing thing about hostel life is that, people who have experienced time with others from around the world can understand and appreciate the ways of each culture and bring new light to some of the prejudice which exists. Because of the diversity of culture you can find in the hostels, remember to always be kind and respect peoples wishes.

The cleanliness of a hostel depends on the hostel staff to a degree but the responsibility also lies with the backpackers themselves. It's important to remember that if you make a mess it's only fair that you should clean it up afterwards, this applies to the kitchen areas, common areas, toilet areas and the dorms.

For example, the last thing you want to do is climb over bags or other things when you want to get to your bed, or keep moving dishes to get to the sink. This applies to everybody, a clean hostel is a happy hostel and everyone is in this together.

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