The Backpacker's Budget for Australia
(Cost Of living In Australia)

The Backpacker's Budget for Australia

Budgeting for backpacking in Australia is all about getting the most out of your trip with the funds you have available. To do this you need to know where you want to go, what you want to do and roughly how much time you'll spend in each place.

So that's the basic idea for budgeting, but how much do things actually cost in Australia? and how do you calculate the living costs for backpacking?

In this article we outline how to budget for backpacking around Australia including getting up to date prices for accommodation, transport, essential shopping items and day-to-day living expenses so you can budget your trip with confidence before you go.

Calculating your budget for backpacking in Australia

The type of visa you have and the amount of time you are going to be backpacking in Australia will change the way you budget.

For example, if you are on a working holiday visa (in Australia for upto 12 months or more) it's not worth trying to budget for your entire trip because so much can happen along the way and your plans can change at any time.

If this is you, the best thing to do is work out the costs of things you know you will always need no matter where you are (i.e, accommodation, transport, food, phone credit, other shopping etc...) for one week. Then you can multiply one weeks living cost by the amount of time you will be in Australia for a rough outline (more in a moment).

If you are visiting Australia for a shorter period (i.e, on a tourist visa or as part of a round the world tour), the chances are your budget needs to be a lot more accurate. You will need to budget for the day-to-day things (mentioned above) but include long distance tranport and the cost of any activities you have planned (more to follow).

So with the basic idea of how to calculate your budget, let's now see how to get the actual prices for everything you'll need and total them up into the budget for your trip.

Do you know which visa to get yet? Check out the Visas for Backpacking Around Australia article to see which visa you will need and how to apply. Remember also that a visa will cost you money which needs to be included in your budget.
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